New Zealand’s migration shift – NZ Stats

Despite high citizen departures since 2013, a surge of non-citizen arrivals has led to a positive net migration of 86,800 in the year ending June 2023, reversing the 2022 loss of 17,600.

New Zealand’s migration landscape is changing.

This turnaround is driven by 121,600 non-New Zealand citizens arriving, outweighing a net loss of 34,800 among citizens. Eased COVID-19 restrictions and immigration changes spurred this rebound, with India, Philippines, China, South Africa, and Fiji as key contributors.

Departures of citizens under 40, notably 18-30-year-olds, explain the net loss. Meanwhile, non-citizens aged 18-40 make up 65 percent of the net gain, underscoring their impact.

Record migrant and visitor numbers are also observed, with shifts from Australia, United States, United Kingdom, India, China, Canada, and Germany. These changes reflect evolving global and local economic conditions and immigration policies.

As New Zealand adapts, its migration landscape evolves, showcasing citizen departures offset by a surge in non-citizen arrivals.