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We adopt a practical approach, prioritising essentials without dwelling on less important detail.

Income is second to property value.

6-Month capitalised interest when necessary.

Fast decision making and funding.

Simple application and minimal paperwork.

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We have advanced literally hundreds of short-term 6-month property loans.  Our clients tell us they value our sensible approach – this is why they tend to use our services over and over again.

What we focus on most

  1. The desirability and value of your property compared to the amount of funding you need, and
  2. How you will repay the loan at the end of the term – what future event will trigger a full repayment.

Of less importance is your sources of income to service the loan. Often, we capitalise interest payments to guarantee future servicing and to make it easier on your wallet.

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FAQ's for Property Finance

Do you have questions about Fifo Capital‘s property finance? Our team is here to help don‘t hesitate to reach out.

How long do you lend for?

Our speciality is short-term 6-month lending, tending to suit property developers needing to purchase and/or hold land while their consents are being sorted, or business owners requiring interim funding to support their business. We are not long-term lenders and we do not lend to individuals – only businesses for business purposes.

How important is my income?

Property value takes precedence over your primary sources of income. Our key concern is ensuring you have sufficient capital reserves or income to comfortably cover both your living expenses and the loan interest repayments – excluding capitalised interest, should it apply.

Do I need a new registered valuation?

The necessity for an updated valuation varies based on several factors. These factors include the property’s current valuation date, its value relative to the loan amount, the valuer’s credentials, and the additional information we can gather to appraise the property’s worth. In some cases, we may only need the current valuation to be readdressed to us.

What are your fees and interest rates?

Our fee schedule is straightforward and consists of just two fees: an initial setup fee and an annual interest rate. We do not have any additional fees, such as early repayment fees, discharge fees, line fees, or other fees typically charged by banks or finance companies.

Trade Finance FAQ

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Why Fifo Capital

Why Fifo Capital

for Your Business Success

Smart products and fast turnaround is only half the picture. To get the best outcome, we are experts who specialise in 360 thinking for finance needs. We make funding solutions to fit your needs.

One on One Commitment

One on One Commitment

Relationships count. Deal with a dedicated industry expert who understands your business and makes decisions.

Get Quick Answers

Get Quick Answers

No waiting – after hearing your needs and plans, we give immediate answers if we can help and what is required from you.

Partnering With Your Bank

Partnering With Your Bank

If your bank is involved, we work hand in hand with them – for those times when traditional finance isn’t geared to meet your needs.

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