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A Term Loan Solution Specifically To Address Your Business Needs

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A term loan designed to meet your business needs

At Fifo Capital, we provide short term loans to help your business thrive and be rewarding. Our services are designed for applications that may be challenging for traditional banks but are essential for our customers.

We make quick decisions so that you can be completely aware of the outcome of your financing request.


  • $10,000 to $2.5 million
  • Immediate indication of suitability targeted 72-hour finance offer
  • Progressive drawdowns if required
  • First and second mortgage security
  • Simplest paperwork in the game
  • Totally transparent from day one – we work in partnership.
Term loan for your business

Why a Term Loan is a Viable Solution

A term loan is a good solution for a trading business because it allows you to fund your shortterm needs, such as seasonal inventory purchases, expansion costs, and more. It allows you to borrow with a fixed repayment schedule and fixed interest rate. This provides flexibility and stability needed to manage cash flow and build financial stability.

FAQs for a term loan

If you have questions about a term loan, which is the most common finance facility for businesses and the most widely known, refer to these FAQs. For more detail, feel free to ask us.

What is the duration of your term loans?

As specialists in shortterm finance, Fifo Capital‘s term loans are typically 6 or 12 months in length.

What are the fees?

Our fee schedule is straightforward and consists of just two fees: an initial setup fee and an annual interest rate. We do not have any additional fees, such as early repayment fees, discharge fees, line fees, or other fees typically charged by banks or finance companies.

Do you offer an interest only repayment schedule?


Can you capitalise monthly payments?

We frequently offer capitalised repayments, based on our clients individual needs. We strive to provide the best assistance and support to meet their specific requirements.

Term Loan FAQ

Set-and-forget term loans – worry free peace of mind.

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Why Fifo Capital

Why Fifo Capital

for Your Business Success

Smart products and fast turnaround is only half the picture. To get the best outcome, we are experts who specialise in 360 thinking for finance needs. We make funding solutions to fit your needs.

One on One Commitment

One on One Commitment

Relationships count. Deal with a dedicated industry expert who understands your business and makes decisions.

Get Quick Answers

Get Quick Answers

No waiting – after hearing your needs and plans, we give immediate answers if we can help and what is required from you.

Partnering With Your Bank

Partnering With Your Bank

If your bank is involved, we work hand in hand with them – for those times when traditional finance isn’t geared to meet your needs.

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