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New Zealand’s Only Advance Sales Commission Facility

Conditional and unconditional sales.

Simple setup and early payment requests.

We can cater for sales that don’t proceed.

A cost effective way to get paid early.

Early commission payments brings significant benefits

Getting paid sales commissions early offers significant benefits.

With the ability to receive conditional and unconditional sales contract commissions up to three months in advance, you gain financial stability and freedom to make strategic decisions. The early payment enables you to make immediate investments, such as marketing or hiring, without financial concerns.

This empowers you, and other salespeople, to focus on closing deals, growing business, and increasing your financial security.

How It Works

  1. Setup
  2. The sale is made – conditional or unconditional
  3. Email us the sale agreement with commission specifics
  4. Sign and return our loan agreement
  5. We deposit the commission to your account
  6. We are repaid when the commission is paid.
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Rewarding Your Hard Work

If you need to cover your living expenses and meet your financial responsibilities, waiting for your commission after a sale can be hard. Usually, the process can take some time due to complex sales or buyers conditions. Fortunately, Fifo Capital has a solution to this issue.

FAQ's for Commission Advance

Fifo Capital is an innovative finance company that has developed New Zealand‘s only commission advance payment facility, specifically for salespeople, to help them manage their own cash flow and access commissions early.

How do I qualify?

Please click the Setup link below and fill out the form, attaching any necessary requested documents. This is an easy application process, with a success rate of over 95%. Once you have submitted your application, we will be in touch with you regarding the next steps.

What security is required to advance commissions?

Advancing sales commissions carries a risk, so we require the branch manager or administrator to verify the sales contract and ensure that the calculated commission is accurate before advancing any sales commissions, and the personal guarantee of the recipient of the commission payment is also necessary.

To advance commission payments on conditional contracts, we need the right to register a caveat on a property owned by the recipient of our advance if repayment is not made when expected. We shall only register the caveat if repayment isn’t forthcoming, and we have not agreed an acceptable repayment plan of the advance.

What are the fees?

There are no setup costs, and once you have been set up, you can request an advance on your pending commissions.

You do not have to pay anything until you have submitted a request and we have given you an early payment.

The only fee you will pay is an Advance Fee, unless a repayment is not forthcoming, and our agreement falls into default.

The Advance Fee will depend on the number of months between the time we advance you funds and when repayment is expected this can range from one to three months.

How much of the commission will I be paid in advance?

We will pay you the full commission amount due to you, minus the Advance Fee, within a targeted two-hour window from when you apply.

Commission advance FAQs

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Why Fifo Capital

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