How Lenders Customise Loans to Meet the Needs of Businesses

Proactive and customer-driven lenders like Fifo Capital tailor loans to meet the specific needs of different businesses in several key ways:

1. Customised lending facilities

Lenders use their expertise to customise lending facilities that fit each borrower’s unique cash flow and time requirements. Many profitable businesses and “lumpy” cash flows that require short term lending solutions to ensure stability and peace of mind for the business manager and owners.

2. Range of finance options

Fifo Capital offers various financing solutions including short-term lending, invoice finance, working capital, trade finance, bridging finance, and other business finance services. This allows us to create packages suited to different business needs.

3. Flexible loan terms

Fifo provide loan terms with flexible repayment options to accommodate different business and cash flow situations. Fees and interest can often be capitalised and with Fifo, early repayment fees are not charged.

4. Industry-specific understanding

Fifo Capital works with businesses across various sectors, demonstrating knowledge of industry-specific needs for sectors like recruitment, property investment, commodity trading, logistics, and manufacturing. With 20+ years of experience, servicing the needs of businesses throughout New Zealand we are more than capable of meeting the needs of a diverse range of scenarios.

5. Personalised service

Fifo’s team works closely with clients to understand business objectives and financial situations, offering valuable insights and guidance.

6. Fast approvals

Fifo Capital offers quick turnaround times, with indicative offers within 24 hours and release of funds soon after. With a simple application and approval process, cash really does begin to flow!

7. Security options

Where possible, lenders allow businesses to use unpaid invoices, stock, equipment, or other forms of working capital as security, rather than personal assets. Fifo has a reputation for thinking outside the box to best meet the needs of existing and new clients.

By offering this level of customisation and flexibility, Fifo Capital aims to provide tailored financial solutions that align with the specific requirements of each business they work with. Client satisfaction is the true measure of success!

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