Trade Finance We Pay Your Suppliers Now, You Pay Us Later

Local and offshore supplier payments

We Pay Your Supplier Invoices

Meet your supplier payment terms, always.

Extend your repayment terms to us.

Boost your business cash flow.

Easy setup, speedy disbursement, flexible terms.

We pay your suppliers, you pay us over time

Want to fulfill your obligations and improve cash flow? Our trade finance solution can give you the funds you need to meet your supplier payments, be it local or international.

We pay your suppliers on their terms, and you repay us with extended payment terms of up to 90days.

How It Works

  1. Send us your supplier invoice and advise the date you would like to make the payment, which can be up to 90 days from the invoice due date.
  2. We will make the payment to the supplier on the invoice due date.
  3. You make repayment to us on the day that we agreed

From $10,000 to $1 million, you can get funding within 48 hours of setup with no fees to pay until you withdraw your funds. We guarantee total transparency throughout the process.

Easy trade finance funding

Sensible Finance for Sensible Needs

Fifo Capital’s trade finance can help you meet creditor payments, strengthen your supply chain, take advantage of supplier discounts, and extend your own payment terms by up to 90days. With us, you can maximise cash flow and know that your business is running smoothly.

FAQ's for Tade Finance

Do you have questions about Fifo Capital‘s trade finance? Our team is here to help don‘t hesitate to reach out for clarification.

Is trade finance expensive?

Trade finance is no more costly for the borrower than other forms of credit payment services. The advantage with Fifo Capital is that there are no fixed or recurring charges you only pay when you make use of the facility.

What type of security/collateral is required?

We ask for security from the borrower, such as a caveat or mortgage, to share the risk of offering extended payment terms due to the inherent risk associated with it.

What are the key advantages for my business?

The key advantages of Fifo Capital trade finance are that you can postpone paying your bills for up to 90 days, while still satisfying your supplier’s payment deadlines. In other words – we pay them on time and you pay us later.

Trade Finance FAQ

Meet supplier terms and repay us later.

Want to Pay Bills Later? Work with us.

Why Fifo Capital

Why Fifo Capital

for Your Business Success

Smart products and fast turnaround is only half the picture. To get the best outcome, we are experts who specialise in 360 thinking for finance needs. We make funding solutions to fit your needs.

One on One Commitment

One on One Commitment

Relationships count. Deal with a dedicated industry expert who understands your business and makes decisions.

Get Quick Answers

Get Quick Answers

No waiting – after hearing your needs and plans, we give immediate answers if we can help and what is required from you.

Partnering With Your Bank

Partnering With Your Bank

If your bank is involved, we work hand in hand with them – for those times when traditional finance isn’t geared to meet your needs.

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