Empowering Real Estate Salespeople with Early Commissions

Real estate salespeople highly value and appreciate Fifo Capital’s Commission Advance finance facility for several compelling reasons. This innovative product allows salespeople to receive their due sales commissions on house sales significantly earlier, sometimes up to 90 days earlier than the typical payout timeframe.

Conditional and Unconditional Commission Early Payments

In the real estate industry, especially with conditional sales where buyers insert specific conditions, the final commission payment to the salesperson can be significantly delayed. This delay can create financial strain and hinder the salesperson’s ability to meet their own financial obligations. However, with Commission Advance, salespeople can access their commission payment immediately, bridging the gap and alleviating financial stress.

Easy Early Access to Commissions

By providing early access to earned commissions, Fifo Capital empowers real estate salespeople to manage their cash flow effectively. This allows them to cover personal expenses, invest in their business growth, and seize potential opportunities without being held back by delayed commission payments. The convenience and flexibility offered by Fifo Capital makes it a valuable and appreciated resource for real estate sales professionals.

Fifo Capital’s Commission Advance – the only type in New Zealand

In summary, Fifo Capital’s Commission Advance for real estate finance product earns the appreciation of real estate salespeople by offering them early access to their hard-earned commissions, bypassing lengthy payment delays and enabling them to fulfill their financial commitments in a timely manner.